About MTSO


mtsoLocated in South of Turkey, Mersin is a city of tourism, agriculture and logistics. Hosting one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean, Mersin is known with its commercial infrastructure. Founded in 1886, Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mersin CCI) is one of the oldest 10 Chambers in Turkey through its 130-years old heritage.

Executive Board of Mersin CCI cooperating with 35 Professional Committee according to the related sectors is consisted of 11 persons and Assembly of Mersin CCI, 81 persons. There are nearly 16 thousand registered members. Representing its members both in national and international platforms actively, Mersin CCI is a member of Associations of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) founded with the aim of developing collaboration between countries in Mediterranean Basin. Furthermore, Mersin CCI is one of the active signatories of United Nations Global Compact.

Aiming at contributing to national and international targets of Turkey, Mersin CCI tries to contribute to accession process of Turkey to European Union through European Union Information Centre since 1996. In this context, thanks to the projects carried out, Mersin CCI aims at contributing to economical, social and cultural integration of Turkey into EU.

Routing the economy of the city, Mersin CCI supports its members aiming extending to new markets by organizing trainings and attending to national and international fairs. Mersin CCI shares information about Mersin’s economy and investment opportunities with foreign delegations visiting Mersin and organizes as well bilateral business negotiations. Economy and social dynamics of Mersin are shared with all stakeholders through publications such as Economical Report and Mersin CCI Monthly Indicators (available on www.mtso.org.tr)

Mersin CCI works hard for the city to be an attractive investment centre. Hence, Mersin Free Zone, Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone and Mersin Technology Development Zone are some of the leading initiatives of the Chamber.

Mersin CCI supports social development of the city by social, cultural and sports activities at national and international level. It also hosts plenty of exhibitions within the Art Gallery which is on the fourth floor of the Chamber.

Mersin CCI is excited about sharing all its 130-year-old heritage including national and international activities with all the Mediterranean Basin through Mediterranean Tourism Forum – MEDITOUR