About MediTour


The geographical area that ASCAME spans extends from the Atlantic coast to the Black Sea and she represents a vast area where the distance between its westernmost point, the Strait of Gibraltar and its easternmost point, the Syrian coast, is 3800 kilometers. As all the countries in the Mediterranean region have a potential in tourism thanks to their common historical heritage and their natural beauty, the tourism is a key industry for the development of the Mediterranean region. In this sense, ASCAME, which is one of the biggest professional organizations in the Mediterranean, attaches great importance to the development of the tourism sector in the region. ASCAME believes that the existing tourism potential of the Mediterranean will further increase through joint projects and sharing of information and expertise. Hence, she develops many projects regarding the tourism sector with the aim of creating a “Mediterranean brand” and rendering it sustainable. It was this motivation that enabled ASCAME to lay the foundation of the Mediterranean Tourism Forum (MEDITOUR) in 2003. Organized successively in Tangier – Morocco (2003), in Antalya – Turkey (2006) and in Yasmine Hammamet – Tunisia (2008),  Malaga – Spain (2010), Marseille – France (2012), Barcelona – Spain (2014), the previous MEDITOUR events brought together over 5000 companies and industry leaders as well as public authorities from all round the Mediterranean region. The seventh edition of this successful Forum (MEDITOUR 2016) will be organized in Mersin (Turkey), on the 28th and 20th of September, 2016.

MEDITOUR 2016 aims at promoting debate about the opportunities of cooperation in the Mediterranean in order to maintain the sustainability of the tourism sector in the region. The 7th edition of MEDITOUR will gather key travel and tourism players, ministers, representatives of the international organizations, municipalities, historians, archaeologists, cruise lines, hotel chains, representatives of the religious communities and scholars showing their latest studies, projects and breakthroughs in the Mediterranean tourism industry.

Mersin looks forward to welcoming you for this prestigious event of the ASCAME….